Baths and wraps

Beneficial baths are luxurious relief for the body and soul. This pleasant and refreshing treatment will be beneficial for the body in so many ways. Body wraps are a real benefit because they improve health and mental balance./p>


AQUANEA pearl bath

30 min. = 490 CZK

The anatomically shaped bathtub serves for complete hydrotherapy such as whirlpool massage, pearl massage, chromotherapy and ozone-therapy. The bathtub uses 188 water jets for extra whirlpool massage, 62 air nozzles for pearl massage, a central massage panel for massaging the inner sides of the calves and thighs. It supports cardiac activity and blood circulation, improves breathing and helps to prevent pain in the back and joints. It has a beneficial effect on nerve exhaustion, stress and depression. Overall, it releases and strengthens the skin and ligaments, destroys excess fats and delivers a totally refreshed and calm feeling.



Multifunctional NeoQi bath

30 min. = 490 CZK

NeoQi is a way of promoting rejuvenation, longevity and above all, good health. NeoQi combines several features (water massage, vibratory massage table, steam sauna, infrared sauna - dry heat, fine shower massages) that are helpful with cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders and poor blood circulation of the peripheral parts of the body. It eliminates symptoms of chronic fatigue, nervous tension and sleep disorders. It also eliminates muscle and vascular tension, relieves rheumatic pain, back pain, muscle soreness and chronic joint pains.



Paraffin wraps

hands 30 min. = 200 CZK
foot soles 30 min. = 350 CZK

Paraffin wraps are a very pleasant and effective application of warm cosmetic paraffin to the face, décolleté, hands and feet. The presence of local warming, blood circulation and hydration of treated skin increases the skin’s firmness and elasticity.



Clay wrap

Entire body and face (60 min.) = 990 CZK 

Yellow clay sstimulates collagen formation, therefore it’s used in skin masks as a natural anti-wrinkle elixir. It cleans skin perfectly and closes the pores. It’s very effective in cellulite treatment.

Pink clay is used to treat acne and other skin diseases. It’s also suitable for very sensitive skin. In-depth cleaning and skin detoxification, removes dead skin cells and creates a fresh skin appearance.

Green clay has disinfection properties, rejuvenates and revitalises skin. It’s often used in medicine to accelerate wound healing, removes swelling, prevents infection and heals. It is considered to be miraculous in regard to joint and muscle pains.




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