The Galant Brewery

The GALANT Brewery

Starý pivovarský zákon říká, že k výrobě piva se smí použít jen vody, sladu, chmele a kvasnic a během výroby do něj nemá být nic přidáváno, ani z něj odebíráno. Toto je základní pravidlo, kterým se řídíme. Pivo nepasterizujeme, ani nefiltrujeme a zůstává tak zcela přírodním produktem.

The Galant Brewery was founded in 2015. The brewery’s opening ceremony was held on 2.5.2015.

The brewery produced a total of 550 hectolitres of beer in 2017. This year 700 hectolitres state is expected. We serve our beers in keg casks, PET bottles and 5 litre party barrels.

Brewing itself takes place in the hotel's brewery restaurant. Subsequent fermentation and maturing takes place in the restaurant’s basement in chilled stainless steel tanks.

For one cooking, approximately 1,000 litres of beer are made and one brew takes around 10 hours.



Lower - this fermentation is typical for most Czech and German beers (Pilsner, Bavarian...). Fermentation takes place at 10 °C and lasts approximately one week. Since fermentation takes place at a low temperature, the yeast is stays at the bottom and therefore flows from the bottom - hence lower fermentation. This is 10° and 12° for our beers.

Higher – toto kvašení je typické pro anglická, belgická... piva. Kvašení probíhá při 20°C. Hlavní kvašení probíhá cca 3 dny, poté postupné ochlazování a tím i dokvášení (cca 6 dní). Tím, že se při kvašení vyšší teplota kvasnice víří v celém obsahu a pivo jako kdyby „vařilo“ a tím se kvasinky dostávají nahoru a poté klesají, proto svrchní. Z našich piv je to například IPA a Summer Ale.

We use different malts, according to the recipe, most often Pilsner, but also caramel and black.



For 10° and 12° we use Czech hops – they’re generally finer and less bitter.
For the production of IPA and Summer Ale we use American hops that are more bitter and aromatic.


We produce 4 kinds of beers:

10° light – Pilsen type beer. The beer is characterised by its medium fullness and bite. Pleasant hop aroma and balanced bitterness stimulate further drinking. Alcohol content 4.2% vol.

12° dark - This is a lower fermented beer, made from Pilsen, Munich, coloured and caramel malt. The beer has a soft caramel-to-coffee aroma and taste, the bite is medium with a delicious hoppy flavour. Alcohol content 4.9% vol.

IPA 14° - Beer style created in the 17th century to supply crews of British imperial units, especially in India. Increased alcohol content and higher hopping provided sufficient preservatives to keep the beer for long periods and high temperatures during shipping to the destination. Here, according to some sources, it was diluted with water for the crew, while the officers enjoyed full strength beer. The beer is made from special malts cooked by infusion. We use superior fermenting yeast for production. Hops are aromatic with a high bitterness that gives the beer its strength. The hops used give the beer a fruity flavour and smell. Alcohol content: 5.8% vol.

Summer ale 11° - Freshly fermented beer brewed for the summer season. It’s characterised by fruity taste and hops. Fresh seasonal beer with excellent drinkability. Alcohol content 4.5% vol.

Contact us and order a brewery tour with a tasting and interpretation from our brewer Tomáš Pich. Request a non-binding tour at business department.





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